Roadmapping Athens to SF

Just been in Athens, hanging out with the Coko Athens crew – Yannis, Christos, Giannis and Alexis. A thoroughly good bunch. I think before I’ve mentioned how proud I am to work with them and what we are achieving. I mean, it’s a teamof 4 people and together they are developing 3 publishing platforms and … Continue reading “Roadmapping Athens to SF”

CodeMirror Embedded in Wax

The Wax (a web based word processor we are developing) lead dev -Christos Kokosias – yesterday embedded another editor, in the editor. We need this for the PubSweet Book Sprint where we will be including code snippets in  the documentation we create. So we need a nice way to manage that… consequently Christos embedded the … Continue reading “CodeMirror Embedded in Wax”

Whats Involved in Building Editoria

We have a webinar coming up soon for Editoria. In anticipation of that I thought I’d write a little overview of what was involved in building the product. So… Starting with a little hand drawn schematic… The above shows all the moving parts that we had to consider, and build, to make Editoria what it … Continue reading “Whats Involved in Building Editoria”

Some Links about Editoria

There is sooooo much going on at Coko…I was getting some links together to help someone understand Editoria… the list is long! Providing them below in case you are interested! Coko – —- Editoria: www – (bring overhauled) app – Roadmap – —- Tech Editoria uses: XSweet roadmap … Continue reading “Some Links about Editoria”

What I’m Working on Now

These are the things I am currently working on under Coko, PagedMedia etc… At the top is the stuff I’m most focused on whenever I last updated this page (April 15, 2018). Consequently what I am thinking about here often surfaces in my recent blog posts. You can see I am pretty busy! Managed Deployments … Continue reading “What I’m Working on Now”

Coko Products

I am currently planning how to keep all the Coko projects balanced and moving forward. It gave me a moment to reflect on just how productive we have been. At present we have 6 major products, all moving forward at an excellent pace, they include : PubSweet  – the API toolkit for building publishing workflows … Continue reading “Coko Products”

HTML Typescript – redistributing labor

Apparently small changes in writing technologies can radicalise publishing workflows. Matthew Kirschenbaum makes a good case for this in his book “Track Changes: A Literary History of Word Processing“. There are a number of cases in the book that illustrate this. I’m about 1/3 of the way through and the example that astonished me was … Continue reading “HTML Typescript – redistributing labor”

Workflow Cost vs Pain

Today I talked with Lisa Gutermuth about workflow and software. We explored what avenues are available for finding the right software for your workflow. It is a common pastime and I suggested a simple taxonomy of solutions. It comes down to three simple categories: Just use anything –  a low cost, high pain strategy Find something … Continue reading “Workflow Cost vs Pain”

Open Source

I have been involved in many open source projects but the below is a good snapshot of some the developments I am proud to have been involved with. For a more personal and detailed account of my journey, please see Paged.js This is a javacript library for rendering HTML content as PDF, built for … Continue reading “Open Source”