Barcelona Bookimobile

Barcelona now has a Bookimobile. We introduced the new Bookimobile to Spain at the Kosmopolis 11 Literature Festival.

The stamp we put on all books made by Booki with the Bookimobile

Booki Mobile Barcelona

We have worked here now for two days doing workshops, helping people produce books produced in Booki, and talking to people about book production. Tomorrow we have workshops and presentations. It has been loads of fun and we made a lot of cool books and also worked a lot making pleigos. Pliego is a small book format that can be made from a single page (folded into 8 or sixteen pages and ripped along the edges to make a book). It is an extremely simple and beautiful format.

The Bookimobile was designed to take the ideas of Booki to people and make real books that have been created in Booki. It now exists in Berlin and now also in Barcelona. The first Bookimobile (now in Berlin) was based on the Internet Archives Book Mobile. It was also initially sponsored by Mozilla, CiviCRM,,, and iCommons. The binder for the Barcelona Bookimobile was donated by Google Summer of Code.

Circumvention Book Sprint II

I just finished facilitating a Book Sprint about circumvention called “How to Bypass Internet Censorship”. We spent 5 days outside of Berlin updating the book we first created in a Sprint in 2008. It was a ‘re-sprint’ if you like and was extremely successful.

New Update –

Right now, you can buy this book from and you can also contribute to it through the FLOSS manuals installation of Booki –

It will also be available shortly on the FLOSS Manuals website – I just need to finish the integration with Booki.

The first version of this book was extremely successful – being translated into Burmese, simplified Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Farsi, and Spanish. Most of these were also distributed in perfect book form.

English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish versions

The book-formatted PDF for the above books, including those with bi-directional text (Farsi, Arabic etc) were all generated using Booki.

The new book is *much* better with beautiful illustrations and cover provided by Laleh Torabi  and many new chapters, updates of old chapters and some new sections. Buy it now or wait a few days for the free version…