Your Help Needed

Hi. I don’t get a lot of international traffic on this blog, it’s just a humble home for my rants. But I do see the logs and I do know there are people visiting from Arabic, Farsi and especially Russian-speaking locales.

If this is you, then this blog post is directly speaking to you.

News about Bassel Safadi today is not very good. The EFF published a statement saying that there is some chance that Bassel has already been sentenced to death.

This is, of course, shocking and distressing.

If you are Arabic, Russian or Farsi-speaking then Bassel needs your help. You can help by translating some of the news that will be coming through in the next days. Please consider helping with some of your time to keep the attention focused on Bassel’s situation at this critical time. Please email me at

If you do not speak Arabic, Russian or Farsi you can still help tremendously by signing this letter:

Many thanks for your help.