Some Links about Editoria

There is sooooo much going on at Coko…I was getting some links together to help someone understand Editoria… the list is long! Providing them below in case you are interested!

Coko -

www - (bring overhauled)
app -
Roadmap -

Tech Editoria uses:
XSweet roadmap -

pagedjs (automated tyoesetting, part of the
project) -

wax - web based word processor -
wax roadmap -
wax demo -


PubSweet -

Some links about our PubSweet community:

All that just for a book production system I hear you say… no kidding!


Currently in a plane, flying over the Pacific somewhere from Singapore to San Francisco. Was playing around with the Links browser (there is wifi on the plane but low bandwidth). Links ( is a good solution for a situation like this, it is faster and more responsive that a complete graphical browser… I think I’ll use it more now!


and in graphics mode… for those that want to get fancy