Two new PagedMedia Posts

One from Nellie McKesson on her awesome new project Hederis.

And another from Erich van Rijn about Editoria and pagination.

Wandering again

Off to London today for the 3rd PubSweet meet. 3 days of joyous banter about all things PubSweet. This meeting will mainly be a work meet with eLife/YLD, Coko, Collabra, and Hindawi/Thin Slices. We are also onboarding some potential new partners.

Then I’ll be on the road to Berlin to talk hosting and have a birthday drink. I’ll also catch up with the Book Sprint folks.

Then its San Francisco for a couple of weeks! Tally Ho!

Coko Meet

This week I’m hosting Jure and Yannis from Coko in NZ. Yannis arrived a day earlier than Jure (who turns up tomorrow) so I showed Yannis some local sights…photos from Mukies, Horeke pub, Rarawa, and 90 Mile Beach. The first shots are of Yannis and I at the much loved Mukies, around the coast from the very famous Shipwreck Bay (Shippies). We had a great few hours out with a consistent easy break…



During the day we also stopped at Rarawa beach up North. The river that leads to the beach was brown due to run off created by the rain these last days. The colors, especially with the shadows around the Pōhutukawa trees, were crazy.










We also drove down the famous Northland highway – 90 mile beach – and stopped to check out a penguin and a stingray. Quite probably the stingray was chased into shallow waters by Orca who patrol many of the shores around the north island looking for stingrays to eat.




And on the way home we stopped to check out the beautiful Horeke pub. An old pub on the back of the Hokianga Harbour. One of the best pubs in NZ.






Probably the worst name for a book ever, but one of the best books on software development ever… It is a classic but surprising how may people don’t know it so mentioning here. It was recommended to me by Tony Wasserman and changed how I thought of software teams.


It was written a long time ago, so you can skip the sections about how to optimally arrange cubicles! The rest is pretty good.

Success on the wave front

Seems watching the weather reports and getting an understanding of swell and wind patterns works…mostly… So, yesterday I took off to Tauranga Bay, which I thought was looking good according to the NZ Met office… the problem was that that particular bay is more or less a harbour, so it never gets any waves!


Still…nice place to visit. However, a couple of bays over – Taupo Bay – is actually a very good surf beach and the conditions were great… a little dumpy, but pretty good.




Taupo Bay is beautiful and it was an awesome day. My arms were pretty done from the day before at Shippies, so I lasted only an hour or so but it was good fun. After that I took off up Ninety Mile Beach with Samuel, a surfie I met at Shippies. Ninety Mile Beach is an official highway and particular areas are safe to drive on at low tide in 4WD vehicles. We hit it at exactly the right moment. There were quite a few people out and about including a few families collecting shellfish…


Then we drove up the river bed at Te Paki.


And finally to Cape Reinga at the very tip of the North Island… the waves up there are crazy…I’m a newbie surfie and newly fascinated by waves., so forgive me for the gratuitous wave shots..






Then today I went to Rarawa and the surf was also great and the day was luscious.



So, checking swell and wind conditions against the optimum conditions for the surf beach has been pretty successful so far. The one lesson learned is just local knowledge – getting to know which beaches are good surf beaches to begin with…awesome…


I wrote some articles for last year. They mentioned me in their 2018 open source community award winners as an emerging contributor.

It was such a nice thing for them to do, I don’t think I was offering any particularly extraordinary content for their audience as my articles were more about where I think open source is going wrong 🙂 But I really appreciate that they listed me here.

More importantly, however, it made me think about Coko and how we need to start recognising people going forward. Will chat to Carly from Coko about it this week.