Kotahi and where we are at

A few years ago Coko started building a Journal platform called xpub-collabra. The naming convention was inline with the early work done on journal systems built with PubSweet. We also had xpub-elife (later Libero-reviewer) and xpub-hindawi (later phenom).

We paused the dev of it for a bit because we needed to switch focus to Editoria. Now we have some time to look at xpub-collabra again. It has been renamed ‘Kotahi’ and is very close to an initial, usable, release.

This is a modern publishing platform. Themeable, live chat, editable docs, configurable submission forms and much more. It will cope with an initial publishing interface though we will work towards a secondary interface which is more sophisticated, and build out options for integrations. In addition, and interestingly, the workflow is designed so that the system could be used by Journals, micropublications or preprints alike. We’ll publish more about this on the Coko site soon.