Some stuff made with Pagedjs from Romain Lesur

Some cool stuff from someone (Romain Lesur) whose work I track.

 When Romain worked at the French Ministry of Justice he implemented its design system for slides with Paged.js. You can see some examples here: and

Thanks to Romain for sending this stuff my way.

Understanding Power Transmission Financing

Book Sprints just continues to astonish me. New book just completed by Book Sprints…

In the words of author Kaushik Ray:

Electrifying sub-Saharan Africa is one of the surest methods to lift millions out of poverty and encourage long-term and sustainable development. With this in mind, we have written a practical and considered guide as to how transmission infrastructure can be financed, particularly where cash-strapped governments may be unable or unwilling to incur additional public debt to do so. The handbook will be out very soon and will be free to read.