Old Muscles

It’s strange being the business end of Coko. All these old muscles coming back to life. I used to manage radio stations in NZ and I did a pretty good job. But I’ve learned so much since then and somehow it’s all coming into gear in a kind of reflexive way. It’s surprising how much you learn that you just aren’t aware of. Unless you change contexts, you never know it’s there. I think we all have tonnes of latent knowledge waiting its time. I’ts kinda bonkers.

Anyways, I’m enjoying it. Hard work mate. Enjoying it though.

Hindawi Totally Rocks, Collaboration Rocks. You rock. We rock. We all rock.

“This month, a second Hindawi journal will move onto the Phenom Review system, our new peer review platform built entirely open source. Phenom
Review is part of Hindawi’s collaboration with Coko utilizing their open source PubSweet framework. […] The migration of our remaining 230 journals is expected to be completed early in the new year.”