XSweet 1.0!

We have 1.0 of the docx -> HTML transformation tool XSweet out today! It also has a new site:


XSweet is a finely crafted tool. It takes docx files, those horrible mangy MS Word files, and translates them into clean, lovely, HTML. XSweet is open source, modular, and very nicely done.

A huge tip of the hat to Wendell Piez (XML guru), and to Alex Theg. As geeky as it sounds, I loved watching these two chat about the issues they encountered making this software. The attention to detail was really unbelievable. Amazing work. XSweet is a finely crafted tool.

More info on Coko https://coko.foundation/announcing-xsweet-1-0/

If you want to do a deep dive into why I think this is important, I wrote this some time ago – https://www.adamhyde.net/typescript-redistributing-labor/

Some Links about Editoria

There is sooooo much going on at Coko…I was getting some links together to help someone understand Editoria… the list is long! Providing them below in case you are interested!

Coko - https://coko.foundation

www - https://editoria.pub (bring overhauled)
app - https://gitlab.coko.foundation/editoria
Roadmap - https://gitlab.coko.foundation/editoria/editoria#roadmap

Tech Editoria uses:
XSweet roadmap - https://gitlab.coko.foundation/XSweet/XSweet#roadmap

pagedjs (automated tyoesetting, part of the http://pagedmedia.org/
project) - https://gitlab.pagedmedia.org/tools/pagedjs

wax - web based word processor - https://gitlab.coko.foundation/wax
wax roadmap - https://gitlab.coko.foundation/wax/wax#roadmap
wax demo - http://wax-demo.coko.foundation/

INK - https://gitlab.coko.foundation/INK/ink-api

PubSweet - https://gitlab.coko.foundation/pubsweet/pubsweet

Some links about our PubSweet community:




All that just for a book production system I hear you say… no kidding!