SSP P5 out now

Part 5 in the series about Single Source Publishing out now! Learn about the features of the source format and high level architecture than can make all the magic happen.


Just writing a little ‘what is?’ text on Editoria for my own use.


Editoria is a modern book production system.

Editoria enables authoring, collaboration, proofing, copy editing, styling, formatting, reviews, author proofs, discussion, automated typesetting, and multi-format export – all within a web browser.

Why Use Editoria?

Collaboration is integral to publishing. Authors, researchers, editors, proofreaders, designers, typesetters and production staff all work together to deliver content to the world. Unfortunately legacy publishing workflows constrain collaboration with linear workflows, each stage of the publishing process is gate-kept by whoever is actively working on the documents at that time.

The web offers the unique opportunity for collaboration to take place concurrently, eliminating the gate-keeping and consequent waiting times,  miscommunications and versioning madness. If everything that needs to happen to the content happens in the web all the way through to delivery, individual tasks can be done quicker and the entire process becomes lighter to manage. What this means practically is that each actor can do what they need to do when they need to do it and the status of the document is available at a glance at any point in the process.

To create this vision of optimized collaboration in publishing there are three issues to solve: getting content into the web, editing content in the web, and getting content out of the web (into print ready formats). In others words, we have to solve everything. Attempts have been made to solve these issues before but they haven’t been solved in a way that satisfies Publishers.

Enter Editoria. Editoria is designed by Publishers for Publishers to meet their needs.

Consequently, Editoria offers independence from expensive, upgrade-driven systems. You can, for example, do away with Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesigns costly licenses, and the need to update InDesign templates and custom made MS Word macros. No longer do you need to preserve that one ancient computer in your organisation that runs the right version of MS Word for the job at hand! No longer do you need to rely on external designers. You can do it all yourself, or in collaboration with a larger team.

Editoria is built to help Publishers both large and small.

How Does Editoria Do This?