ProseMirror and the Guardian

This from the Guardian:

“Just over five years since Scribe was born, we have decided to bring to an end the active development of the project. We are working on implementing a new text editor based on ProseMirror that we hope to open source in the future.”

Wax 2 is the open source Scholarly Editor we are building on ProseMirror. Scholarly Editors have a unique workflow (eg citation management) and tools (eg entity linking) that are quite unique.

Anyone that wants to join the effort, please let me know!

Da Wall

My outdoor workspace is coming along. No help from me mind… all done by Patrick, Harper and Joseph. Nice neighbors from down the road and a pretty famous family around here. They have been busy digging it out and putting in the posts for the retaining wall… looks super sturdy… they kindly gave me permission to take a few pics of the progress 🙂

dsc03578 dsc03588 dsc03601 dsc03611

It’s a Stick Up

So, I am making an outdoor lab space in the Hokianga (NZ). The space looks like this at the moment…


…and I am going to make an outside wall for post-it note sessions, with a big wooden table and some seats, some grass to sit on etc…I think its going to be great!

But… it’s quite windy up these ways and well.. the big question is… will post-it notes stay up on a wooden wall? Post-its are notorious for not co-operating in sub-ideal conditions. They just fall off or blow away. Such serious problems make up my day sometimes…so I decided to test it. Luckily the post-it notes people have just released a new product which has the entire back covered with adhesive (as opposed to a think stripe at the top)… so I got a packet and tested it in the space…by sticking them to plants and clay….


Why not make it a serious test? If it can stick on these then we are more than good…so I stuck them up and left them over the afternoon, which was really windy, and then over night… and the results…


Some of them slightly peeled off but not much and they all stayed stuck! I was figuring none would last overnight…awesome!…

And some photos of my day, including the new home for the surfboard I made in France a few weeks ago. It’s in the corner of my house. Also below are pictures of the Rawene Ferry (I was on it today on the way up North).  And a photo of the Hokianga Harbor when I got home this evening.