Sometimes I just dunno

Over the years I have followed and backed many technologies and sometimes I get it wrong. The libs is one such case – but also the pagination engine vivliostyle joined the list some years ago. We tried to collaborate with them but they weren’t interested. There was very little ‘open’ going on. Anyways… now I see the following:

And I have no idea whats going on. It says ‘former vivliostyle’ – no downloads, no listing of who is involved. Its all a little weird. Anyways. Due to these two orgs is why we are building the Wax Word Processor (on ProseMirror Libs), and Paged.js. As much as I hate to build stuff that doesn’t need to be built in these two cases it was a good decision to build these two critical pieces of publishing tech.

In search of good Shakshuka

I’m a big fan of Shakshuka, the yummy eggy-tomatoy breakfast dish. I became a fan of it when I lived in Berlin and a small turkish bakery down the road made menemen which is pretty much the same thing. I think a buddy (Mushon) from Israel explained to me that Shakshuka and Menemen are more or less the same thing…

Now that I’m in NYC I decided to do a search for the best Shakshuka around. I already tried one spot a few weeks ago, but forgot to take some today we walked up to 101 st and LExington to a little Moroccan place called La Shuk and tried their version of Shakshuka – Green (right) and classic (left):

img_20200126_132114 img_20200126_132107 img_20200126_132059

It was pretty good. Humus was good but overall I thought the eggs overdone and not enough tomato mix. IMNSE (I’m not a Shakshuka expert) but for me it was just ok… still worth the visit. They had some other good looking dishes on their menu which I might try another time.