If you are wondering why so many shots of NZ…I’m in NZ at the moment, post holidays, with a new camera. So trying things out 🙂 Tuesday I’m on the road again so you can expect more things about publishing from next week!

In the meantime…some photos of Nikau on my property. Nikau are New Zealand’s only native palm and the world’s southern-most palm…it’s a cool tree.



Book Sprints wins innovation award

Book Sprints receives the Digital Publishing Award

We are humbled and happy to receive the prize for the category process innovation. According to the jury:

“The approach of transferring the software-based method of agile working to the writing process is interesting for both publishers and authors. Overall, Book Sprints contributes with reinforcing the digital mindset in the publishing industry.”

EPMC going live soon!

Awesome news from the wonderful people at EPMC. They have been building their submission system on top of PubSweet.

Europe PMC is getting ready to release an upgraded version of Europe PMC plus, a system for PIs supported by Europe PMC funders to submit accepted manuscripts for inclusion in Europe PMC and PMC. The new version of Europe PMC plus has an improved design, and new features for creating and reviewing manuscript submissions.

The new Europe PMC plus will be released on 1 May 2019.

More info here :