Book Sprint done..

We had a cool Book Sprint. My first time as a participant in one… we’ll put the book online somewhere for everyone to get and print some copies. Hopefully the print ready versions will be ready within a week.

In the process we had a few bonuses – the first being a lovely set of icons for describing PubSweet Workspaces that Henrik developed during the Book Sprint –


The Second being a chance to meet after the event to talk about the PubSweet data model.


University of North Carolina Press to use Editoria

Catherine Mitchell, director of Publishing & Special Collections at the California Digital Library, commented, “This project represents an important opportunity to create a new paradigm for the scholarly monograph. I’m delighted that CDL’s new workflow tool Editoria will play a central role in enabling UNC Press to move to digital-first OA publication—a transition that is perfectly aligned with CDL’s goals to reimagine the scholarly publishing landscape as open and sustainable.

Off to Book Sprint!

A long time ago I started FLOSS Manuals to create free documentation for free software. It was my big get rich quick plan. Along that journey, which lasted 4 years or so I had to come up with some things to make it all work… namely, I had to:

  1. learn how to build community
  2. build tools to help people collaborate to make books
  3. come up with methodologies to make books fast

Out of this came the FLOSS Manuals community, many (open source) book production platforms (most notably Booktype), and Book Sprints – a method to produce books from zero in 3-5 days.

Now… 10 years later…. here I am traveling to the Cambridge, UK, to be part of a Book Sprint facilitated by the CEO of the company I started, to write a book about PubSweet (a publishing toolkit for building publishing platforms built by Coko, which I co-founded), and the book will be written by the Coko team and Coko community…and written using Editoria – a book platform built ontop of PubSweet BY the Coko community!!!

Talk about recursive…. its like dog fooding on steroids…

OHBM Announcement

Last week I worked with the cool people at the Organisation for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) and today they have a new announcement.

We are now working closely with the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko) to put together a publishing workflow, and we are grateful to the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform (CONP) for providing generous support for the development of Aperture.

Coko has extensive experience developing open source publishing components, some of which are used by Elife and other open-access publishers. Their framework could give the Open Science SIG and the broader OHBM community the opportunity to participate in the construction of Aperture. We look forward to establishing even more collaborations with like-minded partners.