Gnome it is

I was a big Unity fan (the old window manager for Ubuntu). And 17.04 came a long and threw it out due to community pressure it seems, and replaced it with Gnome.

At that moment, I wasn’t so happy. My memory of Gnome desktop was from when it really sucked. However, I am really pleased to become a new Gnome convert. The desktop is pretty clean and fast, and the customisation options with things like Gnome Tweak and Gnome Extensions means that I can pretty much have the desktop I want…. awesome…


Currently in a plane, flying over the pacific somewhere from Singapore to San Francisco. Was playing around with the Links browser (there is wifi on the plane but low bandwidth). Links ( is a good solution for a situation like this, it is faster and more responsive that a complete graphical browser… I think I’ll use it more now!


and in graphics mode… for those that want to get fancy



Tamlyn Rhodes from YLD in London has developed a cool robot for our instance of Mattermost. It is a newsbot. Essentially, anyone in the Coko Townsquare channel can message ‘@newsbot subscribe’ and will be subscribed to the Coko community newsletter.

The newsletter is an automatically prepared email, compiled once a week. The robot looks through all posts that start ‘#weekly’ (we use this for weekly updates) or ‘:cokobot:’ (tags with a cokorobot icon) and adds these items to the weekly image newsletter (bot icon by Julien Taquet)….we are trying it out this week! Cool stuff. You can see Tamlyn in the pic below, center stage in orange. Photo taken last week at the London PubSweet meet.