Github API

Been playing around with the github API. You can actually see a lot about a repo by calling the github API directly eg.

It displays a JSON result with a lot of information about a repo including creation date etc. Didn’t know this feature existed until now. Not that I recommend using Github, it is closed source! Use Gitlab instead…just having a look around.

Editoria vids

Editoria 1.2 released today!

Some new vids Alex Theg (Coko) made showing Editoria in action. Starting with export to PDF (styling still to be improved):

Track changes:

and editing of your own comments/annotations:


2c3c1_member-of-the-family It is a bad week for mass murderers with the first name starting with M – Mladic, Manson, and Mugabe. All gone in various ways. Something to celebrate!

I didn’t know much about the Manson family so I got a copy of Dianne Lake’s (youngest member of the Manson family) new book Member of the Family. I found it mostly interesting for its insight into the scene around San Francisco and L.A during the height of the hippy movement. It gives a good peek into how misguided and toxic a lot of that scene was.