Paged.js meet

We had a cool full day Paged.js meeting yesterday. It was at the Aspiration office and we discussed all things Paged.js. The event carried on until the evening at a local bar (Casanova on Valencia) for drinks…as well as the rendering of a book… Julien can be seen in the pics rendering a book with Paged.js that Barbara from Book Sprints had facilitated that day at a one day conference in Hawaii… Book in one day anyone? !!  !!!


Editoria Community Meeting

Was a cool day. We went through introductions, then the workflows of UCP and Book Sprints using Editoria, then we did a deep dive in small groups – each moving through 20 minute demo/discussions on XSweet, Editoria, Wax and Paged.js. Then we talked about features in Editoria that could help publishers which translated into feature proposals, and then finally we had a discussion about what was going to be next for the community.

Enthusiasm and engagement was very high. Awesome.

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