About Me

I’ve been described as a publishing rebel, but I see myself as an innovator specialising in publishing workflows. I’m also the coFounder of Coko (where I manage all technical projects), PagedMedia, and founder of Book Sprints, Booktype, FLOSS Manuals, The Cabbage Tree Method, Workflow Sprints (more info coming) and much more. I am also a fellow at the Shuttleworth Foundation.

I’ve helped many orgs with their publishing woes. Including Cisco, Safari Books, World Bank, eLife, Collabra Psychology Journal, Wormbase, ArXiv, Hindawi, Auckland University of Technology, Transparency International, Wormbase, University of California Press, Californian Digital Library, MIT Press, GIZ, USAid, UNECA, Public Library of Science, F5, OpenStack, Open Oil, Free Software Foundation, Google Summer of Code, and the United Nations Development Project amongst others.

You can get hold of me at adam@booksprints.net or call me on +1 415 696 9227 (although email is best).

A list of some other things I have done or am doing.

Presentations – a list of some presentations I have recently done complete with slides and video if they exist. I store all my slides here.

Knowledge Production – a summary of knowledge production projects I started or are involved with.

Facilitation Methodologies – a list of methodologies I created.

Open Source – a list of open source projects I started or am involved with.

Art, Activism and Broadcasting – a list of sundry projects I worked on before I did what I do now.

I also surf, play some blues, travel, and try and spend as much time at my NZ home as I can (which isn’t very often!).