Oh man.. I’m having one of those days…sitting in the plane 30 mins ago eating a sandwich I got at the airport and trying not to disturb my sleeping neighbor….so I don’t turn on the reading light and I see there is a sachet of mayonnaise in the container, the sandwich is dry and so I think ‘awesomes!’… it’s a little squeezy thing, I slowly rip the top of it off in the dark but it’s not really letting any mayonnaise out and so I figure I just need to squeeze a little more… and viola! this long luminious stream of mayo floats in an arc in the air for an eternity before landing all inside my sleeping neighbor’s bag and the outside of their blanket… I was frozen-faced like The Scream….oh no!

what do ya do?

..I did see the aurora (flying from NZ to London via North America) which was kinda cool.