I love Book Sprints

Sigh…I don’t have much to do with Book Sprints these days. It is its own company now, I’m still the owner and founder, but it is it’s own thing. It’s own thing run by some amazing folk. Anyways…photos like those you find here from a Book Sprint happening right now in Capetown make me miss it sorely!


Some samples from that album below.









Bulk Upload, Editoria

Bulk upload of MS Word files into Editoria. It takes the selected files, puts them in the right sections in the book and in the right order (at this moment this is determined by filename), converts each to HTML and populates the book with this content…all automagic! (thanks to Alex Theg for making the vid).

Want some genius help with early hardware prototyping?

A good buddy of mine does some pretty amazing¬†mechanical and electrical engineering prototyping and development. You can check him out here –¬†http://fabrikor.eu/

Highly recommended if you are looking for someone to do this kind of work. (Musti, the founder, is a fellow Shuttleworth Fellow).