Off to Toronto

Off to Toronto to meet with my buddy Tarek ( to hatch some plans!

San Francisco tomorrow night to meet with Dan Morgan and sketch out more of the Collabra workflow (Cabbage Tree Meet), then a 2 day Coko strategy meet with Carly and Kristen, and then a one-day Wormbase workflow meet (also using the Cabbage Tree Method), then NZ on Friday.

Update: ah…unexpectedly, traveling back to San Francisco tonight as weather delayed my flights and I can’t make the tight window to Toronto 🙁 heading back to SF…will come back to see Tarek in March…darn…

Paged Media Photos

From yesterday. Will post also to

Arthur Attwell presenting
Slide from Arthur’s presentation showing his Electric Book workflow
CSS guru Dave Cramer presenting
CSS Love from D.C
Slide from Julien Taquet showing BookJS in action (still!)
Julien Taquet
Nellie McKesson presenting some of her work and experiments
OpenStax slide from Kathi Fletcher
Kathi Fletcher
Dan Fauxsmith (OReilly)
Editoria in action
Erich van Rijn presenting Editoria
Hugh McGuire (PressBooks)
Julie Blanc (PagedMedia) presenting an overview of strategies
Slide from Julie
Fred Chasen (PagedMedia) demoing his experiments

Paged Media Initiative

Yesterday I presented at MIT Press.

Presenting Cokos work at MIT Press

Today, we had a truly amazing day today at MIT Press with the PagedMedia meeting. I’ll post some photos later on today, but in general, it went like this… First we had presentations from some very talented folks that use HTML and CSS to make books – showing how they did it and the results. You might think ‘wow… exciting times’… ha…but for me it was just fantastic. So many good folks and so much to learn from each. Then Julie Blanc and Fred Chasen did two awesome presentations on possible approaches to the problem. Finally we discussed these and agreed on the best path for now, and many people committed to various roles to get this all going…. Amazing…

Anyways…now in the Toronto airport, on my way to BC to do a presentation at INKE, introduced by my buddy John Maxwell…awesome!

3rd time Alien of Extraordinary Ability

It is the craziest name for a visa – Alien of Extraordinary Ability. Also known as the O1 visa (temporary resident with work permission for the US)… anyways, I just got my third one! Whoot! That gives me another 3 years working in the US. One day I’ll get a t-shirt with ‘Alien of Extraordinary Ability’ on it and a pic of some green bug-eyed being 🙂