A day in Northland

When in NZ, I often have meetings at 1am, 2am, 6am… since most of the team is ‘somewhere else’ 😉 That can be pretty tiring but a bonus is that if I can muster the energy I can sometimes slip away on a weekday, during the day, and enjoy Northland. Some photos from such an adventure today. I took my neighbor Mike out for a day’s surf’n at Ahipara.

The first two photos show a car we passed that had tried to get around the rocks (we drove around there today – it needs a good 4WD). The car broke an axle and then the tide came in and wrecked the car… it was a sad sight to see and a sober reminder of how treacherous the coast can be.


dsc05407 These photos of us returning to the Hokianga on the Rawene ferry. The end of a great day.

img_20180503_171022 img_20180503_170649 img_20180503_170632 img_20180503_170255

Wandering again

Off to London today for the 3rd PubSweet meet. 3 days of joyous banter about all things PubSweet. This meeting will mainly be a work meet with eLife/YLD, Coko, Collabra, and Hindawi/Thin Slices. We are also onboarding some potential new partners.

Then I’ll be on the road to Berlin to talk hosting and have a birthday drink. I’ll also catch up with the Book Sprint folks.

Then its San Francisco for a couple of weeks! Tally Ho!