Another Book Sprints update

A new post about a recent book Book Sprints with the WWF (the one with the animals…errr…non-humans…)

More Book Sprints News

From today..

Pretty cool

I’m busy in Cokoland at the moment, but my other life (Book Sprints) is so cool. Check this out

It’s a vid of the VMware team that collaborated during a Book Sprint to write a manual on one of their products. Written in 5 days by a bunch of people and then presented at their conference, they then have a collaborative signing party! This kinda shit just makes me happy. This is amazing. Book Sprints is amazing. The Book Sprints team is even amazinger.

Book Sprints wins innovation award

Book Sprints receives the Digital Publishing Award

We are humbled and happy to receive the prize for the category process innovation. According to the jury:

“The approach of transferring the software-based method of agile working to the writing process is interesting for both publishers and authors. Overall, Book Sprints contributes with reinforcing the digital mindset in the publishing industry.”

Shuttleworth Foundation Book Sprint

I’m in Sussex, UK – with a bunch of cool folks from the Shuttleworth Foundation. We are writing a book (facilitated by Barbara from Book Sprints) on the Shuttleworth Fellowship.

The place is beautiful – Ridge Farms. It was once a recording studio and has been used by Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, David Bowie and the Tin Machine, Little Richard, The Beat, Sade, Flock of Seagulls and many many more…now it’s a retreat centre for groups.

I’m also taking some photos with my new camera to see how it works… lots to learn… below are some simple shots taken with no color correction and default/auto settings. Images link to a ‘lightbox’ display (click on each).


Added a few more from the second day…