Surfn, but not with a browser

So, I have been surfing for about 3 months now. Which of course means I’m still really crap. But over that time it seems I have already surfed nice beach breaks in Costa Rica (where I did a one week surf school in July), reef breaks in Hawaii, some nice beach rollers in Linda Mar (down the road from my apartment in San Francisco, California), and a bit of fumbling around on various beaches in New Zealand.

And of course, today I discovered that one of the best point breaks in the world is just north of the Hokianga at Shipwreck Bay, otherwise known as ‘shippies’. A modest day today out there. A 3m swell today created these lovely lines… I think there were about a dozen people surfing…




I drove my car onto the beach and waxed up my new Walden 9ft 6 longboard…an amazing board…

It was an awesome day! Going out again tomorrow!

Surfing and Stuff

I’m taking a holiday in Hawaii to surf and do nadda for a week. I hired a 9ft Walden Magic from Mikes Maui Beach House. Nice folks. Wind is up but I had a good day yesterday on some small waves.

In the meantime, Coko had a big announcement. Announced at COASP (Conference for Open Access Scholarly Publishers) by eLifes Mark Patterson. You can find the complete announcement here:

In essence, eLife is building on top of PubSweet to build their new manuscript submission system. They will possibly re-use parts of the PubSweet components built for Collabra. That’s the beauty of the PubSweet ecosystem – you can reuse what you want, and build only the new stuff (significantly reducing the burden).

We are already collaborating with eLife and have been for some 4 weeks to refactor parts of PubSweet according to some excellent recommendations made by eLife and their dev partners YLD. They are all great people to work with.

Stay tuned, more interesting news to come!