I’m in Manhattan, NYC. IĀ got up earlyĀ for a walk around before the city-that-never-sleeps woke up. I took my fancy pants camera as I haven’t been in the photo mode recently – my head has been too crammed with other things. So, I’m pondering along andĀ I see these legsĀ atop the longest stilettosĀ I have ever seen in my life, sticking out from behind a wall. No one around, just these legs and these crazy long shiny black needle point stilettos. It was a crazy sight, and I mused my way past it to see a woman behind the wall sitting by herself checking her phone. I got about 100 metres past it and thought..Ā  ..i should have taken a photo! Darn…ok…next time…got to get back in the photo-taking zone…

SoĀ I dabble up some ave or another, no oneisĀ  around, and then I see a woman crossing the road carrying a surfboard! no one around, middle of Manhattan. this timeĀ I got really excited becauseĀ I wanted to know where she surfs and where the good breaks are (only locals really know). So she gives me some info and i get going on my way..and then think SHIT!…. oh man…Ā I mean, why bother even carrying this frigg’n camera around… Really…


Spent the last 3 days surfing. Yesterday my buddies Pete, Julie and Hunter joined me at Matauri Bay. Today we hoped all could make it at Shipwreck Bay but Julie and Hunter couldn’t get there in the end. So Pete and I went to Rarawa where we literally had dolphins swimming under our boards. Then to Mukies (near Shipwreck Bay) for a dusk surf (when the sharks have dinner šŸ™‚ ). Started with a foggy Rawene ferry ride then driving through to Ahipara where I met Pete, and we continued on to Rarawa.