A day in Northland

When in NZ, I often have meetings at 1am, 2am, 6am… since most of the team is ‘somewhere else’ 😉 That can be pretty tiring but a bonus is that if I can muster the energy I can sometimes slip away on a weekday, during the day, and enjoy Northland. Some photos from such an adventure today. I took my neighbor Mike out for a day’s surf’n at Ahipara.

The first two photos show a car we passed that had tried to get around the rocks (we drove around there today – it needs a good 4WD). The car broke an axle and then the tide came in and wrecked the car… it was a sad sight to see and a sober reminder of how treacherous the coast can be.


dsc05407 These photos of us returning to the Hokianga on the Rawene ferry. The end of a great day.

img_20180503_171022 img_20180503_170649 img_20180503_170632 img_20180503_170255


I have had a bit of a frustrating time with surfing these last months. I haven’t been able to get out much and when I have, the conditions have been kinda rubbish. But today I had a good 3 hours at Mookies (secret NZ spot), and finally was able to put it all together to catch a couple of amazing waves… it was a breakthrough moment for me. I was kinda thinking I was just getting worse at surfing and feeling frustrated for it… but today was awesome…each time I surf I learn something new… today it was that you can’t sit off the shoulder of the wave and be worried about getting out of peoples’ way… if you do that you won’t improve as there is no power in the shoulder of the wave, so you’ll just flounder around and not catch many waves and not learn much…you just have to push your way into the lineup and commit…. worked super well for me today… wooohoooo!

Coko Meet

This week I’m hosting Jure and Yannis from Coko in NZ. Yannis arrived a day earlier than Jure (who turns up tomorrow) so I showed Yannis some local sights…photos from Mukies, Horeke pub, Rarawa, and 90 Mile Beach. The first shots are of Yannis and I at the much loved Mukies, around the coast from the very famous Shipwreck Bay (Shippies). We had a great few hours out with a consistent easy break…



During the day we also stopped at Rarawa beach up North. The river that leads to the beach was brown due to run off created by the rain these last days. The colors, especially with the shadows around the Pōhutukawa trees, were crazy.










We also drove down the famous Northland highway – 90 mile beach – and stopped to check out a penguin and a stingray. Quite probably the stingray was chased into shallow waters by Orca who patrol many of the shores around the north island looking for stingrays to eat.




And on the way home we stopped to check out the beautiful Horeke pub. An old pub on the back of the Hokianga Harbour. One of the best pubs in NZ.