PagedMedia Page Floats

Some time ago I employed Julie Blanc from my Shuttleworth Fellowship to work for the PagedMedia project. Julie has been doing amazing work and just today released this incredible article about Page Floats:

Paged Media approaches : page floats

With a running demo app:

Really amazing stuff. Please share it widely!

(Julies demo code is here –


Through my Shuttleworth Fellowship, I am kicking off a new project this week – PagedMedia, focusing on the development of a JS implementation of PagedMedia CSS spec and pagination. It is a new project which addresses a problem I have been looking for ways to solve for a very long time, since 2010 or so.

Fred Chasen and Julie Blanc will be doing all the hard work. Both awesome people and I’m very excited to see this get started!!!

How the Cabbage Tree Method Book was made from HTML


The Cabbage Tree Book pictured above was made using entirely HTML as the base file format. It was then rendered from HTML to PDF using Vivliostyle and printed and bound. Julien Taquet did this work and he has written the first of a series of blog posts about how this was done here:

Making books with HTML + CSS — a look at Vivliostyle (Part 1 – page layouts)