Things I’ve Been Pondering

I’ve been doing a couple of interviews with interesting folks. It sorta brings a lot of worlds into contact for me. The interviews are primarily about interesting publishing folks and their interesting thoughts about publishing things.

For this I go some awesome mics… and this is my other world coming to town… I used to be a radio guy and I know a little bit about this kinda hardware. And believe me, these are pretty incredible microphones:


Aston Spirits… They are hardy and incredible sounding. I carry two in my bag now with a USB mic amp and some cables. They sound ammmazzzzzzzinnnngggg….. so stay tuned for some cool interviews.

I’m a little rusty tho! My interview technique could do with a little honing. Below, by the way, was the first team I managed ever ever when I was a CEO first the first time at the ripe ole age of 23. The amazing Contact 89FM management team. It was a cool team. Gordan, Stu, Nadine and me.

20160604_120548 20160604_120635

Anyways…!! stay tuned to some interviews with interesting publishing folks!

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