List of Editoria Feature Proposals

Editoria has 47 Feature Proposals from the community. Pretty cool….The following is the overview from the awesome Alison (mail to the Editoria Community List):

Here is the final updated rundown on what is on gitlab for Feature Proposals. The proposal process is now considered closed for this round, and we will now take a week to evaluate with our Development Team.

Here’s our list (15 more since last update):

#322 – Include component level normalized text title as a HTML class

#321 – Remove Vivliostyle-specific features from the PubSweet EPUB export component

#320 – Include Metadata in EPUB export (UCP)

#319 – Update the CSS used for EPUB export (UCP)

#318 – Validate EPUBs with EPUB Check at export (UCP)

#317 – Export to RTF to support Braille needs from bookbuilder export console (Edit Adapt)

#316 – export xml dtbook from book builder export console (Edit Adapt)

#315 – Expand metadata fields collected and add (multi format) export to bookdash per book (Edit Adapt)

#314 – Ability to export a la carte at the component level (Edit Adapt)

#313 – Functionality to divide the content of the book between Parts (front/body/back matter) including at upload and/or in Wax. (Edit Adapt)

#312 – Import title list (as .csv or link) that contains metadata to populate system (Edit Adapt)

#311 – Import DT Book XML format at component level in Bookbuilder (Edit Adapt)

#310 – Import HTML at component level in Bookbuilder (EditAdapt)

#309 – Internationalization – Robust language options in interface and outputs (EditAdapt)

#308 – Add javascript code panel on paged.js export component

#307 – Allocate time to write more e3e tests as part of the feature dev process.

#306 – Wax 2 Migration Script

#303 – Versioning to support multiple language version options

#295 – Create/Organize running heads for paginated output (allowing for manual tweaking to the running head text from within Editoria)

#293 – Profile page – This proposal from Adam rolls up username/password/ profile photo maintenance with some user level config preference setting options. Pretty neat!

#289 – Transform case to become toggle-able (in Wax)

#288 – A save button in the paged.js integration (everybody wants this ?)

#287 – Ability to tag part numbers and titles (UC Press)

#285 – Unresolved comment handling proposed by Cindy from UC Press and supported by Barbara from Book Sprints. Could feature visual indicator in the UI to flag unresolved comments at the component level.

#284 – Word count functionality at the component level in Wax (UC Press and Book Sprints)

#283 – Ability to select formatting options prior to typing in Wax (vs. highlight and apply formatting) (UC Press)

#281 – Better spacing for Ellipses in Wax (UC Press)

#280 – Cursor auto-advance during block styling of paragraphs in Wax (UC Press)

#279 – Tagging of imported metadata in Wax (replacing manual entry with no relationship to the source content). (Punctum Books)

#278 – Support user-specific preferences within color coded track changes (Punctum Books)

#277 – Export HTML button add requested on Book Builder (alongside other export options) (Punctum Books)

#276 – Previous/next button within Wax to move from one component to another without going back out to Book builder (UC Press)

#274 – Support for Custom Tags in Wax (Punctum)

#273 – Support for version control including with tracked change and comment history and the ability to export. (Punctum)

#270 – User Testing Proposal (California Digital Library)

#269 – Import CSS from In Design (California Digital Library)

#268 – Asset Manager for the handling of image workflow in Editoria (California Digital Library)

#267 – Import/export of metadata via JSON (or other machine readable format) (Open Book Publishers)

#266 – Update the metadata fields captured in the Metadata form, explore export within the various system supported formats (Open Book Publishers)

#261 – Updates to Editoria’s HTML for the purpose of improved pagination handling at export (UC Press)

#260 – Add automatic numbering to part components on bookbuilder/in Wax, possibly including configuration options for auto numbering at the component level (per deployment/publisher) (UC Press)

#259 – Context sensitive styles based on component type, and possibly some configuration options for determining these at the deployment level (UC Press)

#258 – Granular pagination settings at the component level (tickbox to use romans v. Arabic numbers, to exclude from pagination, etc) (UC Press)

#257 – Improved pagination handling through the Editoria Paged.js integration (UC Press)

#256 – ICML export using XSLT (UC Press)

#255 – Ingest and convert .docx via PubSweet Job Runner vs INK (a standalone component. Replace INK with this leading edge, javascript based approach to job management (Coko)

#254 – Improve the EPUBs exported from Editoria via several important updates including to the module that handles EPUB export, improved CSS, Inclusion of Metadata in the export and validation. (UC Press)

We’ll now take a week to assess level of effort and community interest in each, and will announce the roadmap for the next version in one week.

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