The Glamour, the glamour

4am at Baltimore airport…yawn… I’ve never seen an airport so busy at this time of the morning…While in Baltimore, Kristen (co-Founder, Coko) and I had a really good meeting with the nice folks at Project MUSE. We are helping them with EPUB conversions using INK. I think it will lead to a community meeting soon as we are getting quite a bit of interest around it.

Now back┬áto San Francisco. Hopefully I can snooze a little on the plane. Meet with UCP when back later in the morning to work through the list of items for development on Editoria. I’m really looking forward to this. Lots of good feedback from recent tests. I think we’ll also tweak the development process (Cabbage Tree Method) a little for this next phase and try user-dev-UX collaborative meetings facilitated online. It will be faster for picking up and fixing issues in the testing phase.