Learning Node

It’s that time again… time to learn something new. On my radar right now is Node – the environment for executing JavaScript on the server. It’s a long time since I gave up learning to program. I built several systems in Perl and PHP and tinkered in Python. I also learned some JavaScript a long time ago…as I’m writing I am also remembering I did a few projects in Visual Basic and RealBasic (Mac)…¬†eeeek…. those were… err… the days… the days, that is, when I couldn’t afford to pay someone to do it properly. I would describe myself as a cut’n paster, not a programmer.

However, Node really moves the game on. It has been around for a while now but everything interesting I see online these days is more than likely to be using Node in some capacity. So, after having recently finished a reasonably schedule-heavy job, I have time to work on my own projects and start tinkering again. I’m really enjoying it. I don’t want to be a programmer, but I find that gaining a working knowledge of interesting new technologies really helps me imagine what is possible and talk pseudo-intelligently with programmers about ideas.

Node looks to be one very interesting option for whatever I do next. I’m using Talentbuddy to get a start. They have some good free starter tutorials. I’ll try them out and see where I get. Having said that I have, just this minute, discovered learnjs¬†, so it looks like there’s no shortage of learning opportunities. Awesome.

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