Hanging in Moz

I was on my way to South Africa and it seems they changed the Visa requirements for NZers. I have been plenty of times before and always got a visa at the airport. So, I check ‘just in case’ – and I have to apply at an Embassy for a personal interview and the visa processing would take min 7 working days and not guaranteed.

So, I miss out on the Decolonising the Internet conf my buddy Anasuya is putting on plus we were going to be on a Shuttleworth panel at Wikimania. Sucks. But, its one of the few times I have had visa hassles as NZers are seen as ‘mostly harmless’ – so I can’t really complain. Except I really wanted to be there…ah well…so, last moment reschedule lands me in Mozambique for a 2 week holiday. Now I certainly can’t complain about that and not even going to try…

Rented a small apartment on the beach and a surfboard… if you  want to find me I might not be so easy to find for the next wee while…

dsc00668 dsc00669

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