Another Book Sprints update

A new post about a recent book Book Sprints with the WWF (the one with the animals…errr…non-humans…)

More Book Sprints News

From today..

Tirana Earthquake

You probably won’t hear about it as not much news from Albania gets into the big media news bloodstream, but there was a 5.6 earthquake just outside Tirana today.

I have the impression (I was there a few weeks ago) that the buildings there are not prepared for such shakes. Some countries can take a 5.6 and be totally fine but I expect there will have been quite some damage in Tirana.

I hope all the folks there are going to be ok. Sounds like water etc is cut off.

Pretty sweet

I have some pretty lovely emails from people that have submitted nominations for the Open Publishing Awards. It’s funny how you doing things like this is a way of magicking appreciation out of the air. People appreciate it. Of course 🙂

Also, speaking of appreciation, I just had a drink with an old buddy Ted Byfield. He’s one of the smartest people I know and generous with his intelligence. Lovely guy. Great to see him and catch up.