EPMC going live soon!

Awesome news from the wonderful people at EPMC. They have been building their submission system on top of PubSweet.

Europe PMC is getting ready to release an upgraded version of Europe PMC plus, a system for PIs supported by Europe PMC funders to submit accepted manuscripts for inclusion in Europe PMC and PMC. The new version of Europe PMC plus has an improved design, and new features for creating and reviewing manuscript submissions.

The new Europe PMC plus will be released on 1 May 2019.

More info here : http://blog.europepmc.org/2019/03/New-Europe-PMC-plus.html


The Only Camera I’ll Ever Need

If you buy a Leica, I guess the question is, what camera do you use to take a picture of a Leica? All other cams suddenly seem redundant. I’ve dreamed for a long time of owning a ‘real’ Leica and finally brought my buddy Sean’s one. A beautiful Leica Q. I think probably the only camera I’ll ever need. I’m looking forward to trying it out over the next days.

Two crappy pics of it taken with my phone 🙂

signal-attachment-2019-03-10-211331 signal-attachment-2019-03-10-211414