Cabbage Tree Mania

I’m producing a book on collaborative product design together with Scott Nesbitt, Pepper Curry and Raewyn Whyte. As it happens we are all New Zealanders and live either in Auckland or north of Auckland (I live in San Francisco but have a place up north).

A cabbage tree is an actual thing. A tree, in New Zealand, that I used to think was ugly, but now I’m totally in love with. It is an awesome tree. As it happens there are heaps of them on my property so here a few pics to educate those poor souls who have never before come across  a cabbage tree.


They inhabit roadsides and hillsides in Northland.


Although they are pretty lonesome trees, there are a few cabbage tree forests on the east coast that are amazing.


And their leaves are pretty crazy.


Anyways… in case some day you are asked ‘why the Cabbage Tree Method?’ you’ll be in the know…for my part I’ll tell them its some crazy metaphor and see if I get away with it…

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