Athens, Singapore, SF…

Just arrived in Athens. The Coko Athens team (now 4) are here and all in good form. Today I checked out the new office and we talked through a lot of items including:

  • recap of the PubSweet London meet for Alexis and Christos who weren’t there
  • discussion about a new developer for Athens
  • discussion about pagedmedia and Vivliostyle

Then finally pizza!




Tomorrow we will talk about Wax, xpub, and Editoria…plenty to discuss!

Then on Sunday, I fly to Singapore to present on “Developing an open source publishing ecosystem founded on community collaboration”.  Looking now at the website I found out I am a featured speaker! Whoot!

After Singapore I travel, finally after 2 months away, back to San Francisco. Awesome. It’s been a long haul. I think this year I’ve been on the road about 5 months. I thought I had given up being a nomad some years ago… seems that once you cross that line, it’s easy to do again…

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