Wax and interactive content

The latest version of wax supports inline and block editing of math. Christos is also doing some cool stuff with the find and replace UI and there is a whole lot more to boot…

One thing that we looked at some time ago is this example : https://pboysen.github.io/

Try this example out…it is a prototype showing how to add questions to a text (multiple answer, single choice, essay, true/false and more…).

It could be very interesting to build this into Wax which would also give us some nice options for various platforms like Editoria etc… essentially opening the door for making interactive quiz content but *natively* within the editor…so no messy secondary platforms to work with and awkward integrations, and we would have complete control over both the styling and conditional export options – for example, for PDF or print output answers could be embedded at the back of the book, for epub or html the content would remain interactive etc.

Interesting to ponder use cases going forward….

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