Quite a first for Paged.js..

The team has been working very hard on Paged.js with a 1.0 release coming very soon. However, it seems I am a little amiss in making more of a big deal about one particular milestone the team should be very proud of. It happened back in August with the first release of a book that had been output from Editoria.

39-Book Manuscript-300-3-10-20200831

The books is Shifting Stacks published by the wonderful folks at Atla:


What is interesting about this book is not that it was produced with paged.js and it looks pretty good… actually it looks really good…check out the PDF created by Paged.js here:


Yes, this is good news – it looks great – but it is not the real news. The real news is that this was output from a paged.js template without any need for book-specific tweaks. In other words, the Atla team just needed to pres a button and the book was formatted automatically by paged.js and converted to print ready PDF. This means the Atla team could work on the book, output the PDF, tweak the content, proof etc, and then press the button and output the PDF etc…. at some point in one of those cycles they push the button for the last time and send the PDF to the printer…

That is quite something…

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