Virtual Book Sprints

The amazing Book Sprints team…

While some organisations have really struggled to adapt to remote working during this time, we were actually fairly used to it and had good systems in place. Although we spent the last ten years running Sprints in real space in different places around the world, we were at the same time working remotely with our own production team. Connected across at least 7 different countries and timezones from to Nicaragua to New Zealand, our book designers, illustrators, copy editors and project managers have to coordinate well and turn around tasks very quickly. Our internal online collaboration is aided by a good mix of tools including the collaborative book production platform Editoria, the collaborative design application Figma and the the open source chat software Mattermost.

We now do Virtual Book Sprints

This written by a recent client to Book Sprints – Red Hat. The article documents their experience.

The key to success with this model is experienced and trusted facilitation, and excellent logistical support. Our Book Sprint facilitation team came through with flying colors.

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