Open Source is not a Switch

If you ever hear anyone say a platform is ‘open again‘ then you would do well to ask them “what the hell are you talking about?”

Open Source isn’t a switch to be turned on and off. If it was treated like a switch, you would be very wise to consider when it might be again flicked to the ‘off’ position. I think this is a topic I will bring up at the Open Source Leadership Summit to which I was invited and will be attending this week. Specifically, I want to get people’s opinions on how to communicate effectively to those that make these mistakes, including that Open Source is not a switch to be turned on and off. Personally, I find treating Open Source as a switch a stupid and infuriating rookie mistake but I need to find a way to discuss it more constructively to help people who make these errors gain a clearer understanding of what Open Source means.

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