The Big Smoke…

NZ hit zero covid cases today. No new cases in 14 days, no current active cases. So we went down to Auckland, the big smoke, to behave like normal people for a few days 🙂 It can be a very petty city.

image-dba635e1-ef58-48a8-8a7d-f7b9d875e1dc image-0473b9a7-9f73-4355-9680-4fa54dfbed0e image-db2d2452-d040-4781-b2eb-b0686e28b9ac image-f225ca97-e67a-437d-97f9-66bc08c9b387 image-85e31f46-99fe-46f8-80b8-111405101158 image-37a46070-42a3-4e43-b409-cd493ba55d31

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