Wireless Networking Book

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This is a very good book: Wireless Networking for the Developing World

It’s open and free, developed by some people at WSFII.

I met Tomas Krag, one of the writers, at the Open Translation conference over the last few days. The book is very inspiring as a model for the type of sophistication of content achievable in free documentation, and also I found the model they used for creating the content very interesting.

Essentially, Tomas and the other authors met in London for an event. They paid a friend to go on vacation for a week and used their apartment. As I understand it, everyone stayed in the apartment and they spent the week designing the structure of the book and began writing it. The book was then completed with individual chapters written remotely by each other and submitted for editing and layout.

I think it’s a very interesting model, and perhaps one FLOSS Manuals should think about employing for creating material…

At the moment, the book they produced is not being maintained and I asked Tomas if he would consider hosting it on FLOSS Manuals.