Wot I’m Listening to

I used to be in radio as a DJ, managed radio stations in NZ, ran a show on Resonance FM when it first started in London, I’ve been involved in many pirate radio stations (mainly in Amsterdam), taught people how to build FM transmitters all over the world, set up the first artist run radio station in Antarctica, and I’ve been a radio activist and artist. So… there is a lot of radio in my life. I still in some ways see myself as ‘a radio guy’ even though I haven’t made any radio for a long time.

Teaching FM Transmitter building.
Teaching FM Transmitter building, Riga, Latvia 2000 and something something.

Anyways… the point being. I like music 🙂 Ha. I especially like experimental stuff. So, I now have a rekid player in my San Francisco apartment and I’m starting to explore the spectrum again. I’m buying some great records. Mainly I go into Stranded Records, just along from my place, and buy stuff I have never heard of. It’s soooooo great… some really good finds include The Alps, Carla dal Forno, and Craig Leon (Nomos). All are very very good.

Also, it’s interesting to see so many old independent NZ artists making a comeback. All the early Flying Nun stuff is being re-released on vinyl but also some new material is coming out too. It seems the Dead C and Gate (etc) are having a revival, as is Roy Montgomery. I have some of these artists who I haven’t listened to yet but I have listened to Dark Matter which is a new record by Stephen Cogle (Vacuum, The Victor Dimisich Band and The Terminals). So very good…his voice is still the same. Beautiful.