Supporting Other People’s Innovations

As much as I have innovated, I also like to support innovation. I’ve done this throughout my career but in recent years I’ve been extremely lucky to have had the resources (both time and finances) to play a more substantial role in supporting some pretty interesting, and extremely innovative, projects.

First, with my Shuttleworth Fellowship the first thing I invested in was support for We then followed this up with additional funding from Coko. The aim here was to support, what I believe to be, a critical player in the open source publishing ecosystem.

Next Coko also helped, both financially and with additional support and advice, Nokome Bentley and the wonderful project. Nokome has since received a grant from the Sloan Foundation. Which is pretty awesome and very much deserved.

And most recently Coko has supported ScienceFair financially so Richard Unna-Smith can work half time on the project while continuing to work with us on PubSweet. I wrote a little more about Sciencefair here.

In addition, Coko has helped the bring together of a bunch of very interesting open science/open source/open publishing projects under the umbrella of the (still very new) Open Source Alliance for Open Science (I facilitated the first OSAOS meeting in Portland a few months ago). I’m hoping OSAOS will foster a lot of cross-collaboration and innovations will appear out of this mixing of minds.

Anyways, innovation is really about creating a culture of possibility and an ecosystem of connected thinking as much as it about supporting individual projects/approaches, and I’m very proud of having played a part in helping support some of these people and bring some very smart folks into conversation with each other.