Starting an Open Source Org

I was recently informed that only developers should start Open Source projects. Any other alternative was ‘unwise’.

Yet I think there is a great need to diversify open source operational models and starting a project is the most important culture-setting moment you will ever have. So this kind of advice is unintentionally limiting the possibilities for the new cultures and models that could evolve.  Further, these new models are much needed and are the way forward for open source into areas where it is not having much success. Open source needs to find better ways, for example, to produce software for ‘end users’ as the current culture/models are not doing this very well (and there are good reasons for this).

So, let’s ignore the advice. Instead, I want to suggest to anyone out there that cannot or will not write code (‘never admit you can type’) that you are the future of open source. Your vision, by virtue of the fact you do not write code, is exactly what we need to diversify cultures and methods in this sector. You need to bring this to the table as the ignition for a project and just find a way to make it happen which is consistent with your ideas and your vision. I’m proof that it can work. Don’t listen to those that tell you it is a bad idea, just make it happen.