When a Code of Conduct is too much for some poor souls

Interesting to see this:

It is a discussion in the Node issues in Github about their Code of Conduct. One developer, with the handle ‘binoculars’, also known as Barrett Harber, is a developer from the Center of Open Science and objecting to the idea of Codes of Conduct. To quote him:

I think the concept of having and effectively enforcing a Code of Conduct is fundamentally flawed…I think you’re alienating a much larger portion of your potential and current contributor base by handing over control to the wrong-think police…Obviously, this is not avoiding conflict. It’s creating conflict. Case in point, this conversation. We wouldn’t be having it if it didn’t create conflict.

and the following two bald statements which are absolute doozies:

I’m not concerned with people’s feelings….


There’s no definition of harassment.

jeeez……it is one of those amazing moments when the speaker doesn’t realise that what they are trying to say is, as the words come out of their mouth, making exactly the opposite point to everyone in the room.

Although this person seems to have a problem with CoCs in general, the critique is directly pitched at the Node Code of Conduct which is particularly hard to understand given that the Node CoC is pretty light, easy to understand, and (I would say) rather standard and non-controversial.

The conversation is blossoming a little around the net including here.