XSweet 1.0 coming, HTML to JATS also

We (Coko) are going to work through some smaller issues on XSweet. XSweet is our XSLT scripts that convert MS Word to HTML Typescript. We need to keep filling out small gotchas but mainly we look into table conversion and some font fixes. So far though, XSweet is looking pretty sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet…..

In other news – just putting together a HTML to JATS pipeline using INK and building some INK Steps around Martin Fenner’s pandoc-JATS. We’ll experiment with this but may ultimately move to a HTML to JATS XSLT solution that doesn’t need to convert to markdown as an intermediary (as pandoc does).

What this means, is that in a week or so we could create a new recipe that chains together the following INK Steps:

  1. XSweet (MS Word to HTML conversion)
  2. HTML to JATS Typescript (a version of HTML ready for ingestion into pandoc)
  3. pandoc-JATS for HTML to JATS conversion

We don’t currently have a use case for this, but as you can see it takes MS Word through this chain and will produce JATS. We’ll test it out and see how far it gets us. In the journal world, we anticipate this would be useful to some but more interesting is to go from MS Word to HTML, ingest this into a PubSweet journal system, improve with the Wax Editor, and then output this to JATS at publish time. This way we don’t try and optimise the file too early which, IMHO, is a big mistake.