Some Muzak

Currently listening to some amazing rekids including:

  1. Nihiti – Ghosts and Versions
  2. Sand – Golem
  3. Radio Silence – This Kind of Punishment (TKP)

The last is a bit of a find. It is a NZ band I used to be fanatical about, comprised of 2 brothers (Graeme and Peter Jefferies) from Stratford (a small town on the west coast of the North Island in New Zealand). They produced truly phenomenal music, recorded on old 4 track reel-to-reel tapes machines and using a variety of low-fi techniques. Most of it was acoustic and all of it is amazing.

As it happens, I got to know Peter pretty well and organised some gigs for him in NZ when I used to manage radio stations in Hamilton and Auckland. The track above is a new release from the archives. The track was originally written and recorded in 1984, but never released. The 7″ single is backed by Reaching and End (one of my favorite TKP tracks) and was just recently released by the record store (Stranded) down the road from where I live now in San Francisco! Small world. To make it even smaller… Radio Silence is originally written by Chris Matthews of the well -known NZ band The Headless Chickens. And, short story long, The Headless Chickens song ‘Donde Esta La Polo’ saved my life once on a back road in Mexico. But that’s another story…