Editoria Community Roadmap #1

36 Feature Proposals and a lot of discussion ….and here we have it..

The first Editoria Community Roadmap consists of the following Feature Proposals (this list also available with progress indicators at the following address:   https://gitlab.coko.foundation/editoria/editoria#community-roadmap-1)..
3 categories of effort:
    1. a few days development
    2. between a few days to a week (or so)
    3. more than a week
Category (1)
  1. Color code tracked changes by user
  2. Configure Book Builder to omit blue buttons
  3. Indent chapters in Book Builder
  4. Error message when uploading incorrect file format
    We will not use an error message, rather we will constrain the upload dialog to display only available docx files.
  5. Author Style
  6. Provide a larger text box for inputting figure captions
    https://gitlab.coko.foundation/editoria/editoria/issues/216Category (2)
  7. enable “read only” chapter mode
  8. Autocomplete for adding book team roles
  9. Always show chapter name
  10. Book-level (and perhaps chapter-level) metadata
    We will start this off as a simplified version of the proposal with book-level metadata. At this moment we will provide a mechanism to store and edit this metadata, but the list will not be comphrensive, nor will it export (yet) to any formats. We essentially wish to get this in place so we can all try it and add further sophistication in a future road map process.
  11. Configurable archive options for completed / abandoned books
    We will focus on basic archiving options. No integrations yet, this will come in later roadmaps.
  12. Toolbar button to change case
    This will be implement as a drop down (add to existing drop down semantic styles) — as there are multiple options, a single button is not sufficient.
  13. Usernames allowed with special characters
  14. Ask for first name and surname on sign up
  15. Kill automatic numbering in numbered list style
    This might turn out to be harder than expected. We will try and fix this by working on a few fixes in the importer (XSweet) and then see where we are.Category (3)
  16. Allow components to move from body to front- or backmatter and vice versa
    Harder than you might first imagine as it requires quite some reworking of the Book Builder code.
  17. Add more information to the “Books” dashboard and make it sortable
    Will be built to extend the existing Dashboard components (making it more useful for other PubSweet projects).