Yep, Its a ‘requirements’ doc

I’ve attached images of the .odt file (also attached) that shows the next stage of the Collabra ‘requirements’ process. I shouldn’t really call it requirements, I’m sorta being a little cheeky. 6 brief pages. A brief brief. This is all software development needs. Just images that people understand and a bit of clarifying detail in the text. As I write this I imagine many software people rolling their eyes and dismissing me as a ‘not serious’ software chap.¬†They might be right – I’m not terribly serious – but this process turns out some pretty great software! And, importantly, little overhead makes the process fast and fun.

I made this doc out of the scribbles I posted, and then Alf Eaton and Julien Taquet and I had a 30 min remote call so we are all clear on it. Now Julien will make mocks to replace the horrible scribbles I made and we will update the docs when these are ready. Dev can start now or when the mocks are ready (mocks will take a day or two).






What you see here are 3 basic components for the Journal – we are working only with the author and reviewer roles now as the editor and admin views will be this, plus a whole lot more. We are designing these components initially as ‘thin’ as possible so we can plug them together and start getting a sense of the workflow. It just might be my current passion is surfing so I keep thinking of this process like shaping a surf board…honing it down to the right shape, layer by later. We can layer on more later (and, importantly, remove stuff) and change stuff as required. However, for now, this takes care of the submission process and next week Dan Morgan and I meet to work out the logic of the review and decision process.

And here is the .odt file: collabra-ctm1-1