Sigh…Macchiato is not a small Cappuccino

So many times I go to a coffee shop and order a Machiatto (in the states I have to say Espresso Macchiato to avoid getting a ‘milkshake’)…and I just get some soupy milky thing. A Macchiato is not a small cappuccino…but that is what most fancy cafes seem to think it is…Its even true of the pretentious San Francisco and Portland cafes (sadly, you get a better Espresso Machiatto from Starbucks than most fancy cafes – but make sure you order a dry Espresso Machiatto…then they almost always do it right) . I once even was told by a barrister in San Francisco that he wouldn’t make a Machiatto with just foam on top…when I meekly complained he said to me point black “I don’t care what you think”…sigh…I guess my beard was not long enough to validate my opinion…for those that would like to know the difference, the site below is the best guide I found to explain… a Macchiato, for those that are interested, has no milk mixed into the espresso shot. Sigh….

Cappuccino vs Latte vs Macchiato vs Mocha: What’s The Difference?

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