Yep… the Ramones named a song after it... and today I took a train out to see what the surf was like. Its the closest surf beach to Manhatten. I took the subway out there and all up its about 1.5hrs. It actually went pretty well..


It’s winter at the moment so I was expecting a cold day, but the air temp was 12 degrees celsius or so which is pretty ok. I went to Station RBNY which is a surf shop (pretty cool) and hired a board and a suit. Wet suits out here are full on winter mode – thick (5mm torso, 4mm arms) and with a built in hood. I also wore boots and (first time ever) gloves..


The water was actually pretty ok and some nice small waves (breach break). It was pretty fun! I will order a board from Robert August (I always wanted one!) and ship it up to store at RBNY. Awesome!

img_20200203_134913 img_20200203_134846 img_20200203_134844 img_20200203_134841

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