Some records I’m getting into at the moment. Nothing particularly new, but still pretty awesome. First, the fantastic┬áSleaford Mods from Nottingham, UK. Soooooooo good. They remind me of a perfect mix of The Goats, 8 bit bip hop, and classic 70s pop┬ápunk. If anyone knows Hamilton (NZ) band MSU …they remind me a lot of them in attitude and approach. I have just brought their album Key Markets but here are some newer clips.

And I’ve been listening to the ‘This is Kologo Power’ compilation coming out of Ghana… sooooooo good too! It features, amongst others, King Ayisoba. Think of a kookier, happier, Fela Kuti. Long, fantastic, stories with an irresistible groove. I’m *so* hooked!

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