Reading on Diversity in Open Source

After posting the possible introduction chapter to a book on the Cabbage Tree Method to a list full of Open Source luminaries, I got some great feedback, but I was also ridiculed by some and called racist by a couple of others. The racism allegation was in response to my statement that in open source I have observed “the dominant power being held by white men who know how to code.”

Amazing the reactions you get from pointing out the obvious and very lightly advocating a reasoned alternative to the current models of open source projects.

So, I’m reading a little about diversity in Open Source. Some great materials I am currently pondering include:

Open Source Is Way Whiter And Maler Than Proprietary Software
Self-censorship in tech and social change
When it comes to diversity, what does success look like

You will note from the first link that there is some suggestion that women, for example, constitute only 1.5% (max 10%, its unclear) of open source project contributors.

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